Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hearts Dishcloth

Progress so far on the dishcloth 3/22/09.

I went to the knitting store today and purchased green yarn. It wasn´t the deep Brazilian colored yarn that I wanted but it´s green. I had a pattern that I was going to do from ravelry. I was so excited to get started when I arrived home from the knitting store.
I sit on the coach, get comfortable and start knitting. I get to the point in the pattern where it´s asking me for yarn overs. I get out my knitting bible and look it up. I have an idea but want to be sure. I figure it out and keep going. Well by the 3rd row the pattern was a mess! I had to rip out the 3 rows I completed and decided this wasn´t the best thing for me to be doing.
Can I figure it out...absolutely! Do I want to spend time figuring it out...absolutely NOT! That would require alot of running around and energy that I don´t have much off. I will work on that in the summer when I´m off.

In the meantime I´ve decided to knit, Be My Dishcloth by Kristen Patay at -

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