Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High School Musical

When Shaleek & Kyle are walking down the hallways at school students often mistake one for the other. Can you guess why....might be the hair, height, complexion.

Shaleek & Kyle trying to look pensive.

Short bio

My son Shaleek just turned 18 on Sunday. I can´t believe it!!! Where did the years go??? It went by so quickly although my life is much better now then it was when he was born. It´s been a long road but one worth being on. I´m so proud of him and everything he´s doing now. He received a dance scholarship in January and has become very motivated and focused on dance...he´s even teaching me some things. This summer we plan on taking ballroom classes together and I´m very much looking forward to it.

In March he and his friend Kyle performed in High School Musical and I thought they did a wonderful job. Kyle played Chad and my son was a Basketball player. It´s the first time my son has ever performed in a musical and I was very proud of him.